At Prestige Properties, as trusted advisors to our customers, our service is based around professionalism, honesty, transparency and complete dedication to the cause.

We offer a range of top level services to both buyers and sellers. Our staff are all multi-lingual with expert local knowledge.



Buyer Services


Personalised ServicesWithout exception, our first and most important task is to get to know our clients to truly understand what it is they are looking for. We appreciate that each and every client has a different and unique set of requirements and this is what sets us apart from our competitors, we take the time to listen.


Individual Property SearchWe understand that searching for a property can often be a daunting and time consuming task. In order to remove the stress associated with searching for a property and in particular in dealing with multiple agencies, we offer a personalised and bespoke property finding service.
We are unlike most agencies in that if we do not have a property matching the requirements of our clients in our existing portfolio, we will do everything possible to find it including collaborating with a network of reputable partner agencies across Italy. This gives us much greater scope to ensure we find our clients exactly what it is they are looking for.


Due Diligence and Purchase AssistanceWe appreciate that buying a property can be a stressful process and that before completing a purchase a comprehensive due diligence needs to be completed. We work with a range of highly reputable notaries, lawyers, surveyors and tax advisors who can assist with all aspects of the legal and technical due diligence of a property purchase. This enables us to find solutions even for the most complex of transactions.
For foreign buyers we will assist in appointing professionals who speak their native language to ensure they are at complete ease.


Post Purchase AssistanceWe offer a range of post purchase assistance including renovation and project management services, assistance with moving and property management.
We work with the leading property management firm in Italy, Prestige Property Management who offer tailored property management services including managing staff, maintenance, paying of bills or maximising income opportunities if that is a strategy an owner wishes to pursue. Their website can be seen here –



Owner Services


Widespread ExposureOur reach is truly global. We promote our portfolio of properties to a widespread and affluent audience, both international and national, through our focus on marketing initiatives as well as our extensive global networkof partners and direct contacts.We bring buyers from all corners of the world.


ValuationIf an owner needs their property valued we will arrange this through an experienced member of our sales team.


Local ExpertiseWe provide sellers with all the local expertise they need to sell their property including market knowledge, trends and expertise in property law and policy.


PR & Social MediaOur PR partners ensure extensive press coverage of our properties across some of the worlds most important press and media outlets. We also maintain a strong presence through online mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


AdvertisingAt the sellers discretion, we advertise through a range of different means including online, magazines, newspapers and social media. We also advertise our properties on international property portals as this is often where potential buyers commence their search.


Professional PhotographyGiven the nature of the properties we are selling and the type of buyers we are targeting, high quality photographs are absolutely fundamental. We have a network of professional photographers who we work with to ensure our properties are presented in the most attractive way possible.